Easy Spare Parts




Easy Spare Parts (ESP) - the Haulotte Services front office tool allowing customers to consult technical documentation and order spare parts online – is a powerful database containing more than 3,500 online spare parts catalogues and manuals, 12,500 drawings and exploded view diagrams and 20,000 photos of spare parts.

Reflecting Haulotte’s focus on customer proximity, ESP offers an easy way to find parts information and order them over online. Indeed, Haulotte genuine spare parts web-based platform has been designed to respond as efficiently as human support: an intuitive application for easy navigation and work efficiency. And of course, Haulotte Services teams can still be contacted directly by phone at any time.

ESP is near to you, worldwide, 24 hours / day – 7 days / week
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Searching parts with ESP produces results 100% reliable as all information is linked to machines’ BOMs. Customers can also verify that selected parts match their choice by checking against photos. Processing speed, clear information about parts availability and an online tracking application allow optimal efficiency on a daily basis.
In a continuous improvement process, ESP now offers a credit card payment option. In addition, this tool will soon be upgraded to provide an exemplary navigation experience based on the same motto… simplicity and efficiency!
And last but not the least… to provide even greater navigation pleasure within ESP platform, special online offers are provided on a regular basis!
According to their needs, customers may request full access to this tool (parts documentation and online orders) or a technical profile (parts documentation only). The whole Services team is concentrated on ensuring customers have access to the best possible solution.
Today, customers worldwide can request technical access. A parts ordering module is available currently in Europe, USA, Canada, Singapore, China and Australia and will be deployed in Latin America in 2015.
If you don’t yet have an ESP account, apply for one now with your Haulotte Services partner and achieve time savings in your day-to-day operations!