Haulotte wins the 2014 LLEAP Award for : "OEM features or Essential components" category



The Lift and Access Showcase was held on Oct. 29-30 at the Marriott Springhill Suites, Las Vegas Convention Center. OEMs demonstrated their products and discussed their features and benefits. Products were tested to validate the specifications against their printed literature, and their performance may be measured against other machines in the product class.

This year, the event re-focused exclusively on machine demonstrations and walk-around presentations. The event was attended by the engineers and product managers for the products being presented. In addition to the editors from Lift and Access, other editors from leading construction publications were also present. The Press appreciates the hands-on education provided for products being demonstrated.

In advance of this week’s Showcase, the USA based Leadership in Lifting Equipment and Access Platforms (LLEAP) awards, for innovative products introduced and presented by Lift and Access magazine, has announced the winners.

Products were scored in FIVE categories for their innovation, influence, leadership and benefits with a total of 10 products receiving awards. The categories are: Aerial Lifts, Material Handlers, Cranes, OEM Features/Essential Components for OEMs and Support Products and Services.

Haulotte wins the 2014 LEAP Award, category “OEM Features or Essential Components” for the HAULOTTE ACTIV’Shield© Bar - Secondary Guarding Device.

The HAULOTTE ACTIV’Shield© Bar Secondary Guarding Device is designed to reduce the risk of overhead trapping/crushing by implementing the measures identified in the Strategic Forum for Construction Plant Safety Group Best practice Guidance for MEWPs.

Haulotte’s system alerts the operator to potential entrapment situations and is unique in that it features a Safety Gap™ which can protect the operator from full entrapment and potentially allow them to get out of danger. After the audible alarm is triggered, only reverse/lowering movements are permitted, allowing the operator to safely reposition the basket to avoid the hazardous situation and possible injury. And, after being triggered, the system is easy to reset and reactivate from the basket which means there is no machine downtime.