2014 Social Initiatives int the US




«Adopt» a family for Christmas
The idea was born in the mind of Lyle Fogerty (Industrial Manager for Haulotte NA) who wanted to adopt an initiative for sharing during the Christmas season.
The result was a project to provide aid to families in need. Concretely, throughout the year lotteries, special raffle events are organised at the plant to collect funds. These funds are used to purchase basic necessities, food goods… In close collaboration with local government agencies, the names of families in need are transmitted to Haulotte NA as beneficiaries for aid.

Today, 187 families have benefited from the food program in the last five years, or 19,000 pounds of food aid. Discount coupons for the purchase of propane for several families also helped several families pay their heating bill during the winter.
“Adopt” a highway: http://www.adoptahighway.net/aboutus.html
Founded in 1989 in the United States, Adopt-A- Highway service of America, Inc. (AAH- LRSA) provides companies with the opportunity to provide financial sponsorship to support the elimination of litter along the most frequently travelled American roads, while developing name recognition. Companies which undertake to finance cleaning up a section of a road receive a certificate, identifying them as an environmentally responsible enterprise.
In this way Haulotte North America in Archbold committed to this environmental clean-up project by adopting a two-mile stretch of road five years ago. In addition to teams of professionals for the clean-up of roadside litter, four times a year Haulotte | BilJax volunteers make themselves for a day to contribute to this environmental clean-up initiative.