5 questions for the Brazilian company Solaris

solaris_300.jpgInterview with Solaris Aerial Work Platforms and Telehandler manager, Luis Nunes, responsible for the equipment distribution throughout the country.

What is your main business?
Solaris rents a wide range of equipment to the industry, service, entertainment and construction sectors in general. We also provide power generation services in many different South American markets, always maximizing benefits and reducing risks.

How can we define your strategy today?
For over 15 years we’ve been building long lasting relationships with our clients by helping them to successfully build their projects.
In order to achieve this goal, we depend up on our network of 13 branches throughout Brazil , the high quality of our technical equipment and our service and commercial teams. We know our customers; therefore we can offer solutions according to their specific needs.
That is why in every new innovative project, our clients are our main allies.

Specifically, which Haulotte equipment are you currently using?
Since the beginning of the year, Solaris has being working with Haulotte Telehandlers – Models 4014 and 4017.
The HTL line is already in use by a few specific Solaris customers and the machines are spread throughout our branches in Brazil, mainly in the southern region. The market feedback has been very positive.

One of our customers, HLTS Engineering and Construction, whose main area of activity is supermarkets, hypermarkets, industrial and residential building constructions, is using the 4014 Haulotte Telehandlers in the construction of a new Hypermarket facility in São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo.
The applications are mostly for loading palletized materials such as blocks and cement, and using the bucket accessory to move grout and concrete.

Is your customer, HLTS, satisfied with the Haulotte Telehandlers?
According to the person responsible for equipment purchase in the Company, Elias dos Santos Robson, the new machines fully meet their expectations and the need for increased safety levels.
They provide high mobility in confined spaces and their strength and traction power are very good. “The Haulotte Telehandlers operate in all areas of the work site and meet all their demands in terms of machinery application”.

Which characteristics are important for you?
Their lifting capacity, range and maximum reach capacity, which are excellent.
It’s a 100% machine. We are completely satisfied with its performance, comments Santos”.
* Solaris : Founded in 1997 Solaris Equipment and services Ltda. From 2007, the company increases the volume and variety of equipment and the largest number of branches throughout the country. Solaris have the most diversified fllet of all South America, with more than 5 000 equipment available.