5 questions to Pekkaniska

nacelle_pekkaniska.gifPekkaniska is reinforcing is leadership

With more than 50 years of experience in the rental business, Pekkaniska is a leading company renting platforms and cranes in Finland, Russia, and Ukraine.

High quality is assured by competent staff, a modern fleet of 7.000 machines and the SFS-EN ISO 9001 quality system

Interview with Jarkko Järnbäck, CEO of Pekkaniska.

1. How can you define your strategy for 2012?
We will continue our work to maintain our position as the number one aerial working platform & crane Rental Company in our market area. Focusing on platforms and cranes has been and will continue to be our strategy and also our biggest strength. It’s relatively simple to manage 2 product lines (i.e. platforms & cranes) instead of dozens or even hundreds of them. We are really specialists who know our products well and with experience going back to the 1960’s.

2. Have you got big projects planned over the coming years?
The biggest single projects will be in Russia. However, we are interested in all kinds of projects. The big projects are important but so are a number of smaller construction sites.
Actually aerial platforms rented from Russia’s subsidiary are working on the construction of the new skating stadium for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia.

3. Which Haulotte equipment are you currently using?
We are using the full range of Haulotte’s self-propelled aerial working platforms. We have about 5.000 Haulottes altogether.

4. Which characteristics are important for you?
From our customers’ point of view the most important aspects are safety, ease of use and reliability. In addition to those, our own service department prefers rental machines that are simple to maintain and we need excellent after sales service and support

5. What does ”customer proximity” mean to you?
It means that the focus always has to be on the customer. In the end, it is your customers who pay your salary.