e-Services : A suite of innovative online tools


Presented in advance at Intermat, the growing range of e-services met with an enthusiastic response by all visitors offered a preview.

Time savings
Increased efficiencies in day-to-day operations
Won over by the attractive and diverse features – ease of use and innovative functionalities, all customers informed about this offering asked to open one or more accounts.
A highly efficient and constantly evolving tool for finding and ordering spare parts with considerable ease and in record time that has become indispensable for our customers.
This technical search engine is unique of its kind as a tool in the aerial work platform market. Inspired by Google technology deployed at the scale of Haulotte Group, it contains all technical information for all Haulotte machines to give customers real autonomy (information on maintenance, disassembly, etc.). Thorough knowledge in the service of customer relations.
Accessible 24/24 – 7/7, this system is able to issue security codes for expert interventions while controlling the training and accreditation of requesting users. Supervised autonomy - Security preserved.
Two new tools will soon become available: one allowing customers to better manage the skills of their technicians tasked with operating Haulotte machines, and the other for recording and monitoring warranties in real time.
Close to you, worldwide… Haulotte Services' actions are guided by ongoing focus on proximity and cultivating partnership relations with its customers.
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