HTL Tier IV Final





HTL 4014 / 4017 - Telehandlers - Motorization TIER IV FINAL

HTL Telehandlers: so many customers benefits…

The telehandlers HTL bring a wide range of innovations to their market, in terms of compactness, pollution levels (with a significant reduction in noise and CO2 emissions levels), user safety, reliability, comfort, ease of use and transportation.
With lifting capacities of up to 9000 lb (4 tons) and lifting heights up to 17 m, HTL telehandlers can be rapidly fitted with multiple accessories (quick-fits): forks, simple or toothless buckets, work tools, hooked brackets, metal windscreen protectors and side-mounted work tool containers. These offer excellent manoeuvrability, excellent work autonomy and numerous advantages.


A high level of stability
Thanks to their standard equipment, HTL 4014 / 4017 handlers offer excellent stability, regardless of the terrain surface. This lateral stability is the combined result of the automatic locking of the rear deck rotation, the progressive movement deceleration system for limiting rearward travel, and the lateral tilt corrector.
The two forward stabilisers reinforce this stability in all working configurations. Their ability to operate independently allows them to rapidly adapt to all types of terrains at any time.
The Haulotte Group is breaking new ground and raising performance levels for standard equipment with a rear deck locking system, thus reinforcing its stability. This stiffening of the two axles more than doubles the usual stabilisation surface.
Safety in all operating positions
HTL telescopic handlers HTL 4014 / 4017 assist the operator in all operating positions with numerous visual and sound indicators. The “travel” and “worksite” modes, clearly identified, make manoeuvring safer by avoiding any possible confusion. In this way, the “travel” mode prevents any unforeseen lowering of the stabilisers and blocks all boom movements.With the assistance of all of these control indicators – covering overloading, stability, reversing - the operator can truly focus on his work.
Ergonomy : take a seat
Because comfort is so important for all-day driving. Haulotte has made ergonomics a priority of the new design to reduce hardship on a daily basis. All controls have been specifically positioned more easy access according to their frequency of use. The joystick “Smart Control” includes all boom functions for precision work. ROPS and FOPS fitted, spacious, sound-proofed, easy to access, the cabs are fitted with every feature to ensure operator comfort: ventilation, air conditioning (optional), adjustable seats, storage space, etc…
Retro lighted electronic dashboard centralizes all information about the operating status of the machine for continuous monitoring. Finally the load moment indicator (or LMI) ideally positioned to be easy read in head high position, includes an automatic cut off when operating with a tilting risk. The new generation of LMI enables the operator to manually reset the system without any maintenance tool, by pressing the « TEST » button on the dashboard. Thanks to this improvement, there is no need to call a field technician. The customer reduces his downtime and thus saves money.

Performance and productivity:
Haulotte design: no compromise between lifting capacity and load chart for maximum productivity. The integration of the latest technologies significantly facilitates the driving of telehandlers HTL 4014 / 4017 : the user can control its action and its environment.
The hydrostatic transmission combines optimal torque, power and speed for an unequalled driving comfort.
The «Inching» pedal is ideal for smooth driving for an easy approach to a structure.
“Flow sharing" system or “sharing hydraulic flow” is an intelligent management feature allowing the use of all hydraulic movements on a continuous and simultaneous basis.
The hydraulic fittings, in boom head, allows to attach a wide range of accessories

An optimized motorization
A new motorization TIER IV Final now equipped the whole range of Haulotte telehandlers.
Unique on the market, the KOHLER engine of HTL make it possible to meet the most demanding work environments in terms of pollutant emissions and fine particle restrictions. Ratio power / couple has been optimized for a performance equivalent to TIER IV interim emission compliant engines while eliminating the particle filter and use of additives (AdBlue) filter. More fuel efficient and much quieter, this engine increases productivity since the work cycle is not interrupted by the filter regeneration process.
Powerful and robustness
The telehandlers HTL are designed to “handle” all environments. Regardless of the nature of the ground and terrain obstacles, its four-wheel drive and steering provide power and manoeuvrability.
The high strength of the monoblock chassis guarantees the robustness of the HTL while protecting the structure from stress.
Its tilt correction function provides horizontal stabilization and its high ground clearance makes it possible to perform in the most difficult worksite terrain conditions
Accessibility: a tool which is 100% operational
The Haulotte Group provides for “hands-on” maintenance made possible by ensuring optimal access to engine components and peripherals, illustrated by the easy opening of the huge hood. Filters, oil supply, the hydraulic system, the fuel tank, etc, are all within easy reach. All maintenance tasks (cleaning, re-loading, etc.) can be performed very quickly.
The quality of its mechanical, hydraulic and electrical sub-assemblies ensure the reliability of the telescopic handlers, while still prioritising safety.
The HTL conforms to the EC directives and TUV