Products improvements

comp.jpgCOMPACT 14
Some of our Key customers told us that it would be easier to repair the machine if the position of the steps could be changed. In view of this comment, the Compact 14 steps have been redesigned so they are a separate component bolted onto the battery plate instead of being welded.

This means the steps are easier to dismantle or replace if necessary by simply unbolting them. 



The Compact 12 Electric Scissor has been recently adapted to be driveable at maximum height. All Haulotte electric scissors are now driveable at full height, bringing more productivity capability to customers. 


HA 260 PX
The HA 260 PX now has the same new generation plastic control box as HA 41 PX-NT, H 28 TJ+ & H 43 TPX. The ergonomics have been improved compared to the previous version: more indicator lights, different types of joystick (one type for driving and another type for movements). This new control box type is more durable as plastic materials never rust.

All articulating and telescopic booms
To improve the durability of paint finish on the platform, Haulotte Group has changed drop bar. The new black drop bar is coated with a highly resistant plastic (called Rilsan®), which allows the paint to last longer (because it is not damaged by the daily up and down movements of the drop bar).
On all articulating and telescopic booms, the drop bar will be black (only colour available