Wittrock Gruppe


The Wittrock Group is a German crane rental company. They have been renting out cranes for 40 years. In 2004 they started also renting out AWP’s. Marcus Wittrock and Oliver Herrmann, the General Managers and owners, decided to start with AWP rental in the subsidiaries in Bremen, Oldenburg and Hof and now AWP’s and telescopic booms can be rented from most subsidiaries (9 in total). They have a fleet of around 1,000 machines.


1. Can you say a few words about when your relationship with Haulotte Group began and which Haulotte machines you currently buy?
Haulotte is the main supplier to the Wittrock Gruppe. In 2005 Haulotte delivered the first machines. Mr. Oliver Herrmann explains his reasons for choosing Haulotte machines: “We are very satisfied with the quality of the machines, the finishing and the paint. The cooperation with the service organisation of Haulotte works well. As Haulotte has a large product range, they can supply most of the model types we need. For us it is an advantage that a lot of spare parts fit different machine types, therefore we only need to keep a small stock of spare parts.”
2. On which territory do you focus?
The main focus of the Wittrock Gruppe is on regional strength and on the further extension of our rental network throughout Germany. Wittrock Gruppe is a member of the network of German rental companies, SystemLift AG. The Wittrock Group has the advantage of being able to offer its customers a full product range with cranes and AWP’s to enable the customer to have only one contact for these requirements. The Wittrock Gruppe can offer the customer a full service and different solutions for their needs.
3. What is your strategy for 2014?
The strategy for 2014 is to strengthen the existing subsidiaries and to open further subsidiaries to offer an even better service to our customers.