5000 hours for HA41PX-NT in Peru


It’s working as the first day.
In 2010 the Peruvian company Diesel Rivera acquired a Haulotte articulated boom, model HA41 PX-NT. After 5,000 hours of work, the machine is working at full capacity for the Peruvian company. This was the first machine that Rivera Diesel acquired for its rental fleet in 2010.
It has worked on numerous projects and for prestigious customers.
Rivera Diesel is the distributor for Haulotte Peru. The company has expanded its fleet of equipment in 2014, especially with big booms. Fitzgerald Cook, Director of Rivera Rental: "We are pleased to represent Haulotte Group and we work every day to generate more confidence, and we are also really pleased with this machine; we note that it is in continual use.”
Regarding the penetration of Haulotte in Peru and the growing market, Mr Cook said: "Our customers are investing in the brand and the demand for these specialised machines from the Peruvian market is increasing Our competitors also have the Haulotte brand in their fleet, and we could say that today it is no longer a brand penetration process, but more consolidation of the brand, because in the minds of users, the brand is already known.”
Haulotte Group understood the situation in Peru and its growing demand for aerial platforms.
The cooperation of Diesel Rivera and Haulotte, and the strategy implemented over the last 3 years have made it possible to be the leader in the local market.
"These significant results make Haulotte proud of what we have been able to achieve in such a short time. It is important to note that in the Peruvian market demand is increasing for AWP machines which are especially dedicated to high altitude and to the mining sector. This results in being able to succeed with a mixture of special products (telescopic and articulated RT) with over 26 m working height," says Carlos Hernandez , Head of Haulotte in LATAM .
2013 saw the start of the Perumin Exhibitions (Sept.2013) and the launch of the HT 23RTJ, which since then has been continually in demand. The new telescopic model is less than 26 m; however, Haulotte has also has a high demand for this specific height, which has been used in several mining sites with a great response from users. This new product could reach a record 5,000 hours in fewer years than the HA41PX-NT!
Haulotte has high expectations for this important country, knowing that Rivera Diesel is committed with Haulotte to achieve significant results.