Certified Equipment interview

certified2-300x199.jpg“We must also maximize customer loyalty through service”
Certified Equipment interview

Certified Equipment Sales Services and Rental Ltd. (“Certified”) was founded in 1984 by Mr. Dan Corbo to service the commercial / industrial and residential construction industry that required aerial platforms, specifically scissor lifts, rough terrain lifts and boom lifts, and telescopic forklifts to conduct their business.

Our mission is to provide clients with the aerial platforms they require in a timely manner. This includes establishing close working relationships with clients for their current needs and future projects, and stocking an array of equipment to service a variety of construction projects and situations. We must also maximize customer loyalty through service, including customer training on the proper use of the equipment, maintenance of the equipment for the customer (both on and off site) and adherence to all manufacturer and government safety protocols to ensure that customers’ safety standards are met or exceeded.

1. How long have you worked with Haulotte Group?
The Certified group first starting doing business with Haulotte in 2007. Since that period we have formed a close working relationship, partnering on a lot of company and customer projects. Because of the trusting relationship, Haulotte has become Certified’s manufacture of choice when purchasing new and used equipment.

2. On which regions are you focusing?
In 2012/2013 we are focusing on many Territories throughout Canada. For rentals we will continue to grow in the Provinces of Ontario and Quebec and for sales we will be focusing on all of Canada.

3. What is your strategy for 2012/2013?
This year we have opened up a new company called CERTALIFT which only focuses on sales and mainly of the Haulotte products. With every purchase we will offer service packages, free operator and maintenance training, along with exceptional service. Our aim is to focus on branding the Haulotte name throughout North America, showing that this is a great product backed by great service.

4. Do you have big project planned over the coming years?
We have a few big projects planned, but none that we can speak of yet.

5. Which Haulotte equipment are you currently using?
Currently we have a large fleet of over 100 Haulotte products; ranging from Telehandlers to scissor lifts, and booms.

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