Go Green


Go Green: Managing the consequences of our activities on the environment
In 2008, Haulotte Group committed to implementing an Environmental Management System, according to the ISO 14001 standard, to control the impact of our activities on the environment.
The process has started with the Group’s French production sites (L’Horme, Reims, Le Creusot), which are now all certified.
Our goals remain: environmental risk management at our locations; controlling our energy consumption; preventing pollution and management for reducing waste.
1. How are we controlling the risk?
Haulotte plants have identified the major risks and put in place the means to understand and manage emergencies. An action plan defines the roles, responsibilities, the procedures and what to do in an emergency situation.
2. What is the progress in prevention of our pollution?
To prevent pollution we implement measures aimed at reducing the risks arising from emergencies: fire, explosion, and release of product to reduce significant environmental impacts. The employees are well trained and aware of the environmental impacts.
3. How do we control our energy consumption?
Each plant works on methods for reducing our energy consumption. Awareness campaigns to all employees aim to reduce consumption and highlight good practices.
Water: Regular monitoring of consumption is by meter reading and identification of leaks.
Electricity: We promote the use of natural light or the installation of new technology type sensors, LED.
Gas: Gas is mainly used in paint ovens. Through coordination of the maintenance team, consumption is managed optimally.
4. How do we manage and reduce our waste?
Improving sorting of waste to better manage industrial waste (DIB). Color chart placement on sites (one waste = one waste disposal = one color) has allowed the improvement of waste sorting. This waste consisting mainly of paper, wood, cardboard, plastic, scrap. DID (Dangerous Industrial Waste) follows specific channels, in accordance with regulations (recycling / recovery, incineration, waste storage center ...)
Paper: In recent years, the group has educated all staff to reduce consumption of paper and ink.
Returns: through negotiation with suppliers it is now possible to use returnable items.
Regeneration: Some waste materials have been identified as re-used and thus follow a specific procedure.
Traceability: Traceability of waste is improved through a codification of waste and the precise identification of each service can eliminate waste. Each site today measures its rate of recyclable waste.
In 2014, we are more committed than ever. All employees are involved in this process in order to:
  • Meet the needs and expectations of our customers
  • Meet all legal and other requirements applicable to our products and environmental aspects
  • Continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System Environment
  • Anticipate any risk of pollution and control and reduce our impact on the environment


Our objective is the satisfaction of our customers by offering products tailored to market needs.