ISO 14001

certificatiso14001-300.jpgHaulotte Group has implemented an environmental management system based on ISO 14001. The Group  is committed to a continuing process of minimizing the impact its activities have on the environment.

Regulatory monitoring has been put in place to meet and comply with legal requirements.
Certification is the first step in minimizing environmental impact and all Haulotte's employees have committed to the process of continuous improvement to ensure that knowledge improves and necessary actions are taken for "safety and the environment."

Environmental policy in 2012 has been decided and approved by top management and directors of industrial divisions of the factories.
This policy:

  • Provides the driving force behind the implementation of the Environmental Management System (EMS)
  • Provides a framework for setting objectives and targets
  • Includes four commitments:
    • To continually improve the EMS
    • To improve environmental performance
    • To prevent pollution and risks
    • To respect regulatory compliance and other requirements

The intention of Haulotte Group, as indicated by Alexandre Saubot, CEO is to certify all of the company's industrial sites.
With two plants already ISO 14001 certified: L’Horme and Le Creusot plants, the commitment to this project has been a real success. Reims factory will be audited in October 2012.

The entire company should be aware of this certification and is working to minimize the impact of its activities on the environment.