New logistics center for Amazon with Haulotte

amazonitalie3.jpgAmazon - the leading operator of the e-commerce world - is constructing a new central logistics center for the Italian market, inCastel San Giovanni. The construction of the new building will be achieved with the standard BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method), the highest green building certification in the world.
The end result will be a warehouse logistic model with high performance and respect for the environment.
When completed, the new Amazon logistics complex in Italy will cover around 75,000 m2 of floor area with over 5,000 m2 of office space for the staff involved in the management of complex storage: supplies, orders, shipments, etc. . . .
Selecting technology partners and operating at the highest levels, it follows that this strategy has also been observed in the selection of subcontractors and - in the case of Haulotte – the supply of operator equipment on site.
The platforms at work
Inside the new complex, the main working at height requirements relate to the complex and sophisticated plant equipment (electrical, plumbing, wiring, fire safety, etc… The Haulotte Compact range - in particular, the models Compact 10 and Compact 8 - in action in Castel San Giovanni were able to be appreciated for efficiency , reliability and safety, and - last but not least working in the interior - the compactness and maneuverability. With the recent addition of the new Compact 14 and continued improvements in technology by Haulotte Group, the range of electric scissor lifts now offers working heights from 6 to 14 m, maximum capacity up to 450 kg, drivable at maximum height thanks to the special anti-tilt device; extendable basket; prolonged battery life. Thanks to these features, Haulotte electric scissor lifts in the Compact series are labor saving machines which are effective for many applications.
Moving on to working outdoors, the machines used were articulated booms, mostly diesel, used in particular for the assembly of the facade and for glazing. Haulotte offers a range of articulated booms with working heights from 12 to 41 m, thus ensuring full accessibility and safety in virtually all operating environments. Ideal for construction, maintenance and installation, articulated platforms allow you to bypass obstacles thanks to their configuration and high reach; in addition, models with a working height of less than 20 m can be used in confined spaces due to the compact chassis that allows for rotation within the footprint of the machine.
On the Amazon site the models which are the most widely used are the Haulotte HA16PX and HA18PX articulated diesel booms.
These two models feature working heights of 16 and 17.3 m respectively, a maximum lateral outreach of 9.15 m and 10.6 m, and a lifting capacity of 230 kg. They have 4 wheel drive and steer for excellent maneuverability, and a hydraulic locking differential which, together with a ground clearance of 40 cm mean they can be used on all types of terrain. Productivity is ensured by the full proportional controls, simultaneous vertical movement of the positive and negative articulating fly jib ( 140 ° ) and the lifting speed which allows them to reach the highest elevation in just 44 seconds Finally, the machines are extremely versatile with 360 °  continuous rotation and 180 °.turret rotation.
The Amazon site shows once again that whatever the type of machine or operation to be performed, the "classics” of Haulotte AWP are offering the best performance in terms of accessibility, speed of movements, efficiency and economy in the processes, and operator safety.


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