NEW STAR 10, everything's changed except the name !


Flagship products of the Haulotte range, the STAR 8 and 10 represent ideal solutions for working effectively and rapidly in multiple environments in complete security: industrial maintenance, logistics and distribution, indoor and outdoor finishing work, indoor events.

The new range of vertical masts inaugurates a generation with uncompromising quality:

Optimal manoeuvrability in confined working areas made possible by asynchronous motors for high-precision and unmatched comfort. The upper control box integrates a new joystick for more intuitive and precise positioning. The new range is designed for both indoor and outdoor use on stable ground locations.

Minimal maintenance to optimise cost and downtime On-board diagnostics capabilities from the Haulotte Activ’Screen tool for real-time delivery of critical information to facilitate maintenance operations. Centralised battery filling, eliminating the risk of accidents, and recharging in record time. Easy access to control points for a maximum reduction in downtime.

A longer service life capable of resisting the effects of time and intensive use, with covers protected by high-strength composites. In the same spirit, all components are reinforced by an anti-corrosion coating.

Easy to transport thanks to its unique integrated chassis fork lift system, anchoring and slinging points for rapid and functional stowage, its 25% gradeability, facilitating the loading and unloading phases.