New range 16m articulating boom: HA16 RTJ / HA16 RTJ O / HA16 RTJ Pro

NEW HA16 RTJ range
3 models: HA16 RTJ / HA16 RTJ O / HA16 RTJ PRO

From the very start of this project, Haulotte has developed this new range step by step with its customers’ feedback. The result: a perfect combination of technical expertise and field experience.

This new range has been designed to meet customers’ requirements with a machine that is simple, robust, reliable and easy to maintain with optimal performance and a high level of safety.

With this new HA16 RTJ range, Haulotte:

- Takes care of your business
- Takes care of your value
​- Takes care of your safety



Best Performance & Productivity

o The HA16 RTJ  range has been designed to reach the most difficult working areas thanks to the best working envelope with a maximum outreach of 8.30m and an up & over clearance of 7.65m
o The HA16 RTJ range offers the best lifting speed with less than 40 seconds saving time and increasing productivity.
o The HA16 RTJ range is unique on the market with the best proportional and simultaneous movement capability. The 16m range is able to simultaneously perform the following movements:
                           - Driving + Steering + Turret rotation
                           - Turret rotation + Arm/Boom elevation + Telescope out + Jib

Along with this outstanding simultaneous movement capability, the hydraulic system additionally gives the best comfort and feeling of safety thanks to very smooth movements and the ability to reach the working area with maximum precision. 

o Whatever the ground surface, the HA16 RTJ  range has an excellent rough terrain capability thanks to the best ground clearance of the market, of 38cm, 40% gradeability and 4 wheel-drive  on all models. 

The machines are also designed with a permanent anti-slipping differential that evenly distributes the power to the wheels. Additionally, the hydraulic differential lock can be activated manually for maximum efficiency on more difficult rough terrain. The machines also feature cured-on solid tires that are longer lasting than foam filled tires and environmentally friendlier.The HA16 RTJ O and HA16 RTJ Pro models also feature an oscillating axle making it feel exceptionally safe and comfortable to drive. 


Comfort and Ease of use

o The new Kubota engine has a variable motor speed halving the noise level and reducing the fuel consumption by 15%.
o Ergonomics of the upper control box make it easier for the operator to understand and to use the controls of the machine. 
o Tool tray as standard: ideal to always have the right tools at hand.


Durability & Reliability


o Extremely durable in all circumstances thanks to:

Anticorrosion treatment: special treatment of the pivot pins multiplies their durability by 3

Fully protected load management system: load management system is fully protected and does not come into contact with the ground avoiding potential damage from impacts

Steering cylinders are fully protected mounted inside chassis: They are entirely protected against accidental contact with (and damage by) external obstacles. This allows less maintenance and less downtime on the HA16 RTJ range.

High quality components: worldwide suppliers recognized for the quality of their components and their global presence :

KUBOTA engine, BOSCH joysticks, DEUTSCH connectors

SAUER, BOSCH and HYDRAFORCE hydraulic components


o A robust range which stands the test of the time

Extremely strong tilting cover to protect the control box.

Reinforced hood: the turret hood benefits from a brand new design reinforced by a metal sub-frame for the best resistance in all conditions. The modularity of the hoods allows only the damaged part to be replaced, therefore resulting in savings in terms of spare parts cost.

Fully modular platform: Haulotte is the unique AWP manufacturer proposing this fully modular platform solution, which is easy and cost effective to repair. It is possible to replace only the damaged component instead of changing the whole basket.


o Less maintenance, more working time

Direct access to all components requiring regular maintenance: oil and fuel filter, oil gauge, radiator water tank and alternator 

The operator can easily recharge the battery thanks to direct access to the 2 remote pods

Swing out engine tray is “a plus” giving access to the battery if replacement is required. 

Diagnosis tools: the new LCD display integrated in the lower control box allows a first pre-diagnosis. For complete and immediate diagnosis, the technicians will use the new Haulotte Diagnostic Tool : Haulotte Diag.


Safety at the highest level

o Haulotte has recently launched a unique secondary guarding device: HAULOTTE ACTIV’Shield© Bar which reduces the crushing risk while maintaining excellent productivity. This device is 
standard on the HA16 RTJ Pro (in Europe) and is available as an option on the RTJ and RTJ O
o Moreover, the HA16 RTJ range is very safe to drive as the machines can be driven at maximum speed with the jib raised, giving excellent visibility of the working area.

To summarize, the HA16 RTJ range is composed of 3 models:

HA16 RTJ featuring 4 wheel-drive, 2-wheel steer, 355° turret rotation

HA16 RTJ O featuring 4 wheel-drive, 2-wheel steer, 355° turret rotation, oscillating axle

HA16 RTJ PRO featuring 4 wheel-drive, 4-wheel steer, 360° continuous turret rotation, oscillating axle and Activ’Shield© Bar (for Europe only). The 4-wheel steer on HA16 RTJ Pro model allows 3 steering configurations: 4-wheel steer, 2-wheel steer and crab steer. The selection can be easily made using the selector on the upper control box.

The new HA16 RTJ range consists of multipurpose machines that suit many types of applications such as building works (steel erection, cladding, curtain wall, painting, etc), finishing works (plumbing, electrics, air conditioning, heating, insulation...), maintenance works, demolition, pruning, etc.

Offering the maximum safety level, the HA16 RTJ range complies with the working regulations (EN 280, ANSI, CSA, AS….).