Our mission: Taking care of people

Our employees, our partners, our planet...

Our mission is guided by the deep conviction that taking care of our employees, our partners and the Society is essential to building a prosperous and sustainable future.

Together, we are determined to create a positive impact on society and the environment, contributing to a better world for present and future generations.​


At the heart of our mission, we are committed to three fundamental pillars that define our company: Taking care of our employees, Taking care of our partners and Taking care of the Society.

  • Taking care of our employees: recognizing that well-being and fulfilment are essential to our collective success, we are committed to providing a safe working environment where everyone can flourish and reach their full potential. This translates into policies and programs aimed at promoting the physical and mental health of our employees, as well as fostering a culture of inclusion and diversity, where everyone's opinions and contributions are valued. We also invest in the training and professional development of our teams, because we believe that their personal growth contributes to our growth as an organization.
  • Taking care of our partners: they play a vital role in our success, and we firmly believe in mutually beneficial collaborations. We seek to build strong and lasting relationships with our partners, ensuring that our interactions are conducted in a spirit of respect, trust and transparency. By supporting our partners, we strengthen our network and contribute to more sustainable and prosperous economies.
  • Taking care of our planet and its ecosystems: aware of our responsibility towards our planet and its fragile ecosystems. We are committed to minimizing our environmental footprint. We continually seek to innovate and integrate environmentally-friendly solutions into our day-to-day operations, while encouraging our partners to do the same.


Taking care of our employees

Each employee plays a key role in the success of the Group. Safety, employability and well-being at work are at the heart of our HR policy.
Our values, translated into concrete measures by the employees themselves, illustrate and underline our desire to «Take Care».
We are convinced that a caring work environment fosters creativity, initiative, involvement, performance and well-being of employees.
By symmetry, this environment will have a positive impact on our customers, partners and business performance.

Taking care of our partners

To build a mutually beneficial relationship, we must take care of our partners as well as our employees.
We deliver on our commitments by providing our customers with solutions tailored to their current and future needs. Our ultimate goal is to create a unique customer experience.
We do the same with our suppliers as they contribute to the customer experience and business performance.

Taking care of our society

Haulotte takes care of the Society, through employees and partners, but not only.
We design safe products and solutions, we were among the first companies to commit to the decarbonization of machines.
We are building step by step a sustainable development path, taking care of our environment, our ecosystem, our Society.

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