Our integration and recruitment processes

A tailor-made course


The recruitment process is organized in several phases:
  • By defining the function and interactions between the manager and HR, identifying the knowledge, know-how and life skills required for the position.
  • Identifying the recruitment channel: direct or with the support of a consulting firm
  • Receiving and processing your application
  • An interview with the manager or managers and HR to match your skills and motivations and those of the company.
  • Selecting the successful candidate and providing feedback explaining the factors which made the difference.
  • The employment offer
  • Sending the employment contract and the description of Group benefits (supplemental healthcare and personal protection plans, etc.)


The integration process is specific to each position covering periods of three days to several weeks, and includes: 
  • An introduction phase including a presentation made by your manager
  • Meeting with other members of your department and different contacts (line management and functional supervisors,…) who will speak to you about their business areas, expectations and interactions with you;
  • A meeting with your site's HR manager. Safety and environmental awareness-raising or training
  • Operational training, tools and processes specific to your position
The entire Group will be informed of your arrival by the distribution of a Welcome Card.

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