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Our commitments

The HR teams play an essential role within our company, as they are fully dedicated to supporting our employees throughout their career.
As early as the recruitment process, we put in place a personalised induction process for each new employee, to help them immerse themselves in our corporate culture and enable them to quickly flourish in their new role.

A learning company

But our commitment doesn't stop there. We firmly believe in the ongoing development of everyone's skills, because we know that career development also contributes to the growth of our company.
Every year, in close collaboration with our managers, we draw up individualized action plans for the development of our employees' skills.
These plans can include a variety of initiatives, such as training tailored to their specific needs, opportunities to transfer skills within the company, or specific assignments that allow them to excel and take on new challenges.

Opportunities for mobility

We also believe in mobility as an essential lever for professional fulfilment. We therefore encourage geographical, hierarchical and functional mobility, and even mobility within different areas of expertise.
We want to give everyone the opportunity to explore new horizons within the Group, because we know that this diversity of experience enhances expertise, adaptability and commitment to our values and mission.

Building a bright future together

The professional development and growth of our employees is at the heart of our corporate culture. We believe in their potential, which is why we are committed to supporting them throughout their careers, offering them development opportunities, stimulating challenges and a working environment that encourages learning and fulfilment.
Together, we're building a bright future, where every individual has the opportunity to grow and realize their full potential within our professional family.
Result of the professional equality index within Haulotte Group SA for 2022: 87 points obtained out of 100.

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