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5 plants to serve our customers even better.

5 plants to serve our customers even better

Haulotte Group gives its customers successful and flexible manufacturing operations able to adapt to the fluctuations in demand and specific markets conditions. 

Today 5 production units can provide the best product solutions to our partners. Two plants in France, one in the United States, one in Romania and one in China make up the Group's industrial network. All hydraulic, electric, electronic or mechanically welded components are entrusted, subject to strict quality control, to industrial sub-manufacturers who bring their expertise to bear on the technical development and control of the cost price of our products.

The engineers and technicians of our engineering departments are committed to offering the highest levels of safety and innovation for each of our products. Every day, Haulotte teams test and optimize the performances of the equipment lines that are adapted to the specific customer needs and requirements of each major world region. The quality and reliability Haulotte machines are backed up by ISO 9001 compliant manufacturing procedures.

5 production units


108 rue de Courcelles
51100 - Reims

Le Creusot

ZA Harfleur 71201
Le Creusot


125 Taylor Parkway OH 43502
Etats-Unis d'Amérique


Sat Valea Stanii,
Nr 277B Judet
Arges Comuna Titesti


No 8 ChangJiang Zhong Road
213022 - Changzhou

7 logistics hubs to cover spare parts requirements

With a wide range of certified parts in stock, we meet your expectations in terms of speed and reliability, whatever the size of the components.

Our network of logistics platforms allows us to process your requests efficiently. Delivery is guaranteed worldwide, directly to your location or to one of our subsidiaries.​

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