Military vehicles

More than a vehicle: a tactical platform.

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HUTP vehicles are designed for all military units seeking an ultralightweight platform for general or specialized use, air-droppable and air-transportable, with a large payload capacity and long endurance. These tactical platforms can be used across rough terrain and hostile environments, in all weather conditions.

It has the engine torque and architecture to climb the steepest slopes, even with a full load, and reaches the top speed of 150 km/h. Thanks to the modular design, Haulotte tactical vehicles can carry out a wide variety of mission profiles : reconnaissance missions, long range patrol, urban operations, logistical liaison, evacuation and protection of sensitive areas.

Ultralight platform

Optimal mobility

Huge playload capacity

Large fuel tank


The HUTP-R reconnaissance vehicle is the first product of a new range that will later on include another 4x4 and a 6x6 logistics platforms. All vehicles in this new range are based on a largely similar design and use a maximum of COTS components.

HUTP-R Reconnaissance

HUTP-L Logistics

HUTP-XL Logistics-XL

4 wheel-drive
4 seats
Payload: 1200 kg
4 wheel-drive
2 seats
Payload: 1400 kg
6 wheel-drive
2 seats
Payload: 1750 kg

Tactical mobility

Thanks to their 5-gear automatic transmission and powerful engine, HUTP vehicles are designed to a maximum speed of 150 km/h. The large fuel tank is compatible with all types of diesel (including JP8) and offers up to 1000 km driving range. Haulotte ultralightweight platforms provide good crossing capacity and can carry a huge payload (up to 1750 kg).

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Strategic mobility

With their compact dimensions and numerous anchoring points, HUTP military vehicles can be transported in most of the major military aircraft. They are also air-droppable and fully operational when landing is completed. Haulotte ultralightweight platforms are compatible with air, sea and rail transport requirements.



HUTP tactical vehicles have minimized on-board electronics to improve the reliability of the platform. Major components, sourced from leading suppliers, are easily accessible to speed maintenance and repair operations in the field. Seats are fully adjustable and suitable for all body shapes. Operational life and in-service support are guaranteed for 15 years.

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The lifespan and maintenance in operational condition of this equipment are expected to last at least 15 years.

The HUTP vehicle uses a maximum of standard components to optimize the product's overall cost of ownership. This greatly facilitates repair and maintenance operations in the field.