Alexandre Pinguely founds the company to which he gives his name.


Pinguely turns to the production of steam locomotives.


Arthur HAULOTTE established the « Ateliers de la construction Haulotte ».


A souvenir from the inaugural journey of the first Mountain locomotive – La Peronnière, l’Horme (France) – 28 July 1928.


A GR20 vehicle-mounted crane, designed by Haulotte.


The first Pinguely shovels probably date back to the Twenties.
They are naturally steam-powered, on tracks and built on demand. A steam-powered Type 6 shovel fitted out as a crane lifts hand-filled buckets. A cable-controlled catch mechanism operated from the operator’s cabin tilts the bucket to empty it.


The TR 60 shovel - a new generation of shovels (with pneumatic controls, and all transmission through encased gears).


The X 50 swing shovel loader, with its innovative hydraulic system: this was the only loader of its kind built in France.


The SK2 compact shovel - the world's first tyre-mounted compact shovel with no rear offse.


The Pinguely Ville Gozet factory at Montluçon (France).


The Pinguely Ville Gozet engineering Department at Montluçon (France).


The ingenious H50 mobile crane with its eight lifting speeds.


The GC 730 vehicle-mounted Pinguely positioned itself as a leader in the French crane market.


The GC525TL crane. As soon as the ST series appeared.


The GB 18 - the world's first "City Crane": high moving speeds, rapid deployment and a cabin raised by hydraulic jacks.


Assembly hall of the Plant of Pinguely in l'Horme (France).


The GC 20300 wheel-mounted crane (with a 300 tons load capacity).


Pinguely and Haulotte begin to collaborate.
This TTR 220 crane was jointly developed.


Pierre Saubot takes control of both Pinguely-Haulotte business from Creusot Loire.
Haulotte slowly becomes involved in the emerging market for aerial work platforms. Mobile crane activities, mainly for the military, are concentrated in Pinguely.


H46N - First Haulotte aerial work platform.


Haulotte H 76 platforms.


On December 3rd, 1998, Pinguely-Haulotte went public, listing on the Paris Stock Exchange's Secondary Market. The listing enabled Pinguely-Haulotte to step up its expansion.

By the end of 1999, Pinguely-Haulotte's sales had nearly doubled and became the first European manufacturer of cranes, aerial work platforms, securing its position as the world's number three maker of self-propelled aerial work platforms.


Pierre Saubot receives the Entrepreneur of the Year Award.


Pinguely-Haulotte joins the space race: the Shenzhou V capsule - China's first manned space flight.


 “Haulotte loads up to charge ahead !”.The advertising message put forth by the large-scale publicity campaign launched by the Haulotte Group. The Group’s product diversification began at this time, with other aerial work platforms ,material lifting equipment such as telescopic handler (developed in partnership), radio-controlled selfpowered cranes and backhoe loaders with 360° rotation.


The recovery is confirmed for the Pinguely-Haulotte group, posting results well above market forecasts and expectations:

> sales up 30% to €285m
> operating income multiplied by 3 to 30 M€
> Group share of net income multiplied by 5.4 to 16 M€


The name of the Group and its logo change. “Pinguely-Haulotte” becomes the “Haulotte Group”, which better reflects the diversification in its aerial work platforms and activities and the international dimension which the manufacturer has acquired.

The undeniable European leader and world’s 3rd largest aerial work platform and material lifting equipment manufacturer generates a turnover of €519.3 million and has a worldwide staff of 1,600. 2006 is a record year, with the successful stock exchange launch of Haulotte shares on Euronext Paris (SBF 120).
A further step is also made in the service field, with the opening in the Rhône- Alpes region of France of the 6,000 m2 Haulotte Services Expertise and Reception Centre, entirely dedicated to our clients. This adds a new dimension to client support on a global scale, emphasised by the opening of marketing and client service subsidiaries in Asia, Eastern Europe, Mexico, and South America.


Haulotte Group acquires BilJax.