Our business lines

All employees contribute to the manufacture and production of an aerial work platform or telehandler, a safety product, regardless of their area:

  • the innovation departments responsible in particular for defining the major priorities for tomorrow's products/improvements, R&D working on the modelling and calculations for this new product;
  • the project teams that will prepare the creation of the product, by ensuring that all parameters are effectively taken into account;
  • the marketing team that upstream identifies the customer's needs
  • followed by Production responsible for executing and ramping up equipment output, while ensuring the machines are manufactured safely and in compliance with the quality and cost standards for a delivery tailored to the needs of our customers.



And of course, our high quality products and services are enhanced by contributions provided by our support departments such as:

  • purchasing (80% of the value of our products is based on purchasing)
  • the supply chain for the sourcing of our components and the delivery of finished products based on specifically defined needs
  • quality that ensures compliance with and improvements in internal standards
  • industrial scale up & continuous improvements
  • finance
  • information technology
  • communications
  • financing department
  • sales activities
  • HR
  • legal affairs
  • and finally the servicing activity providing our customers throughout the globe our expertise and technical support to maintain our equipment, advise and train their teams and ensure the availability of spare parts