Skills development and mobility

Developing skills to promote internal mobility and employee retention

An annual performance interview specific to each business area provides an ideal opportunity for exchange between the employee and his or her manager, in particular to address mobility and training objectives.

It also provides an opportunity to evaluate the employee's skills in relation to the key skills required for his or her position, but also for future positions through mobility, and to measure potential gaps between the two.

These annual reviews are then studied carefully by the HR organization to prepare the future for each employee based on a clear vision of his/her skills.


Promoting internal mobility

In light of our HR culture, the diversity of our areas of intervention and our international presence, our company offers favourable conditions for mobility. We are convinced that the value of skill sets is enhanced by a global vision of our business lines. Developing skills and experience in areas that are related to one's original business speciality, deploying one's expertise at an international level offer opportunities to open all through employment offers posted internally and the promotion of our mobility charter.

Everyone, according to their specific know-how, expertise, engagement and efforts has an opportunity to advance within his or her position, department, division or at the Group level, regardless of their diploma, age or gender…