Annual General Meeting - 2015 Fiscal year: Dividend distribution

Haulotte Group's shareholders approved all resolutions presented at the Annual General Meeting of 24 May. At this meeting, shareholders holding 74.36% of the Company's share capital were present or represented.

The shareholders notably decided to offer each shareholder the option of receiving the dividend either in cash or in the form of new shares of the company or to receive one half of the amount thus reverting to the shareholder in shares and the other half in cash. The issue price for the new shares to be remitted in payment of the dividend was set at the Annual General Meeting at €13.50. This amount represents nearly 96.59% of the average opening price on Euronext for the last 20 trading sessions preceding the General Meeting date minus the dividend amount.

If the dividend amount to which shareholders are entitled does not represent a whole number of shares, they may obtain the full number of shares for the next lowest whole number supplemented by the balance in cash.

Shares thus issued will be fungible and rank pari passu with existing shares, carrying the same rights and subject to all provisions of the articles of association and the general meeting from the date of their issue.

The ex-dividend date will be 30 May 2016. Shareholders may opt to receive payment of the dividend in cash or in the form of shares between 30 May 2016 inclusive and 27 June 2016. After this period or, if this option is not exercised, the dividend will accordingly be paid in cash only. The dividend payment date for distributions in cash or shares if this latter option is exercised will be 8 July.

The results of voting may be consulted at the Company's website ( ) in fifteen days.


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