Annual General Meeting - 2019 Fiscal year: Dividend distribution

The Haulotte Goup shareholders approved all the resolutions (with the exception of the 14th resolution relating to the delegation of authority to be granted to the Board of Directors to increase the share capital for the benefit of employees) proposed to them at the Annual General Meeting held on May 26 (closed status meeting). 71.98% of the Company's share capital was present or represented at this General Meeting. 


The General Meeting notably approved the distribution of dividends to shareholders for an amount totaling  € 6,901,680.28 or a dividend per share of € 0.22 euro gross. The Company will not receive any dividend in respect of treasury shares held by it on the ex-dividend date. 


The ex-dividend date will be 15 July 2020, at the opening of trading. The dividend payment date will be July 17, 2020.


The results of voting may be consulted at the Company's website in fifteen days.(


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