Haulotte HS15 E PRO scissors enter MAINSA’s fleet

Haulotte recently delivered new all-terrain electric scissor lifts HS15 E PRO to MAINSA (Maquinaria Industrial Santander). The leading rental company based in Heras, Cantabria owns more than 260 people lifting equipment, and regularly expands its fleet to continuously offer new and innovative equipment. With this business approach, MAINSA has acquired 30 new Haulotte machines, including 4x4 diesel scissors, RTJ articulated booms, and electric rough terrain models from the PULSEO generation range...

MAINSA expands its fleet with Haulotte machines


From left to right : Jose Antonio Gutiérrez, Iván Morodo, Diego Perojo and Javier Requejo

MAINSA has acquired different models of the PULSEO product line: the HA20 LE PRO articulating boom and and HS15 E PRO / HS18 E PRO scissors. José Antonio Gutiérrez, Managing Director of MAINSA, anticipated the growing demand for innovative and environmentally friendly machines, and added the SHERPAL telematics solution in the PULSEO scissors:

«At MAINSA, we have the ambition to be the leader of the rental market for lifting platforms in Cantabria. We regularly renew our fleet to offer the most efficient machines. By integrating high valueadded solutions, we make our customers’ daily lives easier!»

The emission-free mobile lifting platforms of the PULSEO range (HS15 E PRO, HS18 E PRO and HA20 LE PRO) offer the same outstanding drive performance of an internal combustion diesel machine. They are a clean alternative adapted to Low Emission, green building sites, areas requiring silence, or public places. With their 100% electric design, they can also be used indoors.

The SHERPAL telematics solution enables owners to manage aerial fleets more efficiently and reduce operating costs. It offers remote access to machine data and provides actionable insights to make the right decisions at the right time.

«There is no doubt the SHERPAL connected solution will be well received by MAINSA : the data collected can show companies how they can be more productive, secure the day-to-day operations and develop business»

says Iván Morodo, General Manager of Haulotte’s Spanish subsidiary.


The order also includes 8 HA16 RTJ PRO articulating booms, 6 Compact 12 DX scissors and 10 OPTIMUM 8 AC electric scissors. The latter are equipped with a smart CAN bus charger which perfectly adapts to battery conditions to optimize charging and embeds many specific programs to improve the batteries’ lifespan.


From left to right : Iván Morodo, Diego Perojo, José Antonio Gutiérrez and Javier Requejo

The relationship between MAINSA and Haulotte began in the early 2000s and has grown stronger every year.

«Haulotte has been our supplier for more than 20 years and the confidence in both the technological development of their products and the capacity and quality of their technical service gave us enough confidence to invest in their proposal»

says Jose Antonio Gutiérrez.

«We thank MAINSA for their renewed trust »

adds Iván Morodo.