Acarlar Interview



Serkan Acar,
Chief Executive Officer of Acarlar Makine

Acarlar Makine is a distributor based in Turkey representing international brands such as Haulotte Group. Created as part of the parent company “Acr Group”, Acarlar Makine established in 2003 has been successful in achieving differentiation through its large product range, dynamic personnel, rapid technical service and a customer-focused pre-sales and after-market approach. Acarlar Makine just celebrated 10 years of operations in the aerial work platform sector, and is recognised as a pioneer in terms of innovation and investment.

1.What are your relations with Haulotte Group?
For the last 10 years, Acarlar Makine has been active in the aerial work platform sector in Turkey and operated as a reseller of the Haulotte Group. Through this relationship, Acarlar Makine has become the market leader in Turkey in this sector. Our rental fleet of aerial work platforms numbers 500 units with Haulotte models accounting for 95% of this fleet. This in fact represents the largest fleet of aerial work platforms in Turkey.
2.What is the main purpose of the agreement concluded with Haulotte Group this year?
This year Haulotte Group acquired a 50% stake in Acarlar Makine. Together, the two companies seek to consolidate this leadership position in the Turkish market and strengthen their sales in aerial work platforms and services in this region. The focus in Turkey on work safety makes it possible to promote the advantages of the use of such platforms. This offers good prospects for achieving an excellent position in the future. This agreement represents an important milestone for the future, based on the combined experience and professionalism of both companies.
3.What are the target territories?
We are concentrated on Turkey and Turkish speaking republics. Since the 2000s, we have seen continuing growth in the aerial work platform sector. This growth has been driven by the building sector: Airport in Turkey and Azerbaijan, a nuclear site in Ukraine, etc. We will participate in two major projects planned for Turkey in the coming years: the construction of the world’s largest airport in Istanbul and the construction of a refinery in Izmir.
4.What is your strategy for 2014/2015?
For 2014/2015 our strategy is to present a differentiated offering for our customers while maintaining our position as the market leader. To this purpose, we are organising new promotional campaigns to address our customers’ needs and organise demonstrations for our products at open day events or trade fairs.