Factory visit Reims : A group from Germany

reimssystemlift1.jpgIn Germany there is an organisation of 70 different rental companies which are merged in one alliance called SYSTEM LIFT. Haulotte GmbH, Germany has been working very closely with this alliance for more than 10 years.
In order to strengthen this relationship Haulotte Germany invited customers of this alliance for a factory visit in Reims which took place at the end of October.
Haulotte Germany organised this trip together with the factory in Reims. The core event was of course the factory visit itself, but also a nice social programme was arranged. The customers were very impressed by the way the factory in Reims is organised and structured. A lot of interesting and fruitful conversations took place and some orders were even placed during the visit...
Customers and the sales team from Haulotte were satisfied with this trip.
A better customer proximity has certainly been achieved which is helpful for future business.