activshield1.jpgEntrapment Prevention System

Haulotte Group has announced the launch of its Entrapment Prevention System, ACTIV’Shield© Bar
The system is being launched in response to demands from the industry in the UK to protect operators from this type of risk, and reaffirms Haulotte’s commitment to safe working at height.

Haulotte’s system alerts the operator to potential entrapment situations and is unique in that it features a Safety Gap™ which can protect the operator from full entrapment and potentially allow them to get out of danger. Following the alert only reverse/lowering movements are permitted, allowing the possibly panicked operator to get out of trouble without making the situation worse. And, after being triggered, the system is easy to reset and reactivate from the basket which means there is no machine downtime.

The system has been designed to preserve the machine’s working envelope, maintain easy access to controls, which means no change in working practice for the operator.

Haulotte is delighted to launch this innovative system. Craig Bentley, General Manager Haulotte UK commented:
“We see this as significant step forward in reducing the risk of operator entrapment, and we have approached the issue with the operator firmly in mind. With our innovative Safety Gap™ we have gone much further than current industry requirements and given the operator the opportunity to not only potentially prevent a full entrapment situation, but also the means to self-rescue should one occur”.
Stéphane Hubert, Sales & Marketing Director – Europe and North Africa, added:
“We are really excited about this innovation and believe it will bring real value to our customers”. At the end of Vertikal Days, anyone in the UK requiring further details, or who would like a demonstration, should contact: Haulotte UK – Tel: 01952 292753 – Email: salesuk@haulotte.com


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