84%  of customers satisfied with Haulotte Spare Parts

yellow-square.pngThrough a survey of 80 European customershsces2.jpg  wanted to measure their degree of satisfaction with the overall management of spare parts.
yellow-square.png Customer experience is highly satisfactory with an average score of satisfied customers of 84,2% and up to 94% - and with an average rating of 4.21 / 5.  
yellow-square.png Dear to service teams, these (evaluated) criteria target the ease of contacting the after-sales support, the level of information feedback concerning the availability of parts & delivery times, the knowledge and skills of advisers over the phone, the efficiency of the online search and ordering website hsces3.png
yellow-square.png The spontaneous comment of most customers stressed the professionalism and commitment of teams at their service.

This Haulotte spare parts business "Success Story“ wants to be humble and source of continuous improvement. Logistical and commercial actions are already being defined in order to better respond to customer concerns.  

yellow-square.png This will include strengthening the structure of the call center in order to guarantee even shorter response times and act as a real partner when dealing with customer requests.  
yellow-square.png In line with the Haulotte Group’s motto Close to You, returns will be custom made to each of the customers who participated in this survey to expose Haulotte actions in response to their remarks.

Source: European Survey administered in 9 countries: France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Holland, Poland, Sweden, England, Russia - December 2015.