How do I provide my staff with training on my new Haulotte machines?

training_hd130.jpgAny new equipment is delivered with 3 manuals - operators, maintenance and parts but sometimes you need more than just a theoretical understanding of the functionalities and applications of the machines. 

What training solutions are offered by Haulotte Group?
HAULOTTE training programmes are designed to enable you to fulfill your legal requirements and to improve the safety, efficiency and productivity of your operation.
A training program is adapted to the needs of each trainee

My employees need training, what is available?
If your employees need to improve their knowledge about the range, follow the whole process starting at level 1.
If your employees already have skills relating to our range but need to be updated or to follow specific training, Level 2 is suitable. 


Who may I contact?
If you have identified a training need, you can contact the Haulotte subsidiary looking after your area. The training process can be adapted to your staff level and requirements from the basic to the expert level.

Where does the training take place?
Training can take place at our training centre or on your own premises and incorporates both theoretical and practical training.

How often does Haulotte Group run training programs?
Each subsidiary runs their own program for their customers. For example in Italy, since 2010, Haulotte Services Italy was able to provide six specific training days: “Day Class” in less of 8th months, more than 100 sales people have been train. Rental Companies have more knowledge and feeling more confident on AWP market.

Haulotte Group has matched its training courses to the required skills of your employees. The result is higher utilisation and a reduction in downtime