HTL Telehandlers, a strategy of continuous improvements

Haulotte Group expands its offering of telehandlers that now includes three ranges :

COMPACT Range: HTL3210 – HTL3510 – HTL4010

As compact telehandlers with a capacity to lift 3.2 to 4 tonnes designed to lift any type of load to heights up to 10 m, this range addresses needs in the construction and industrial sectors where performance and compactness are inextricably linked.

HIGH LIFT Range: HTL3614 – HTL3617 - HTL4014 – HTL4017

This range is able to lift 3.6 to 4 tonnes up to 17 m, a significant advantage for operating at work sites in all environments. Regardless of the configuration on the ground and obs­tacles, as a four-wheel-drive and steer vehicle, it offers both power and manoeuvrability.

The latest addition to Haulotte’s offering, the HEAVY LOAD CAPACITY range

HEAVY LOAD CAPACITY Range: HTL5210 – HTL6508 – HTL7210

An entirely new line of Haulotte telehandlers specifically adapted for heavy loads, this range addresses needs for handling loads of 5.2 to 7.2 tonnes. It accordingly completes the existing product offering which now covers a wide range of solutions adapted to the specific needs of each user.

HTL 5210: This latest addition to the Haulotte range offers the best load rating for the 10 m segment with a lift capacity of 5.2 tonnes up to a height of 10 m, representing a maxi­mum forward reach at 3.5 tonnes to 5.8 m with the stabili­ser. PIdeally suited for all types of applications in the heavy construction, mining, oil, port cargo handling , and recycling sectors this telescopic handler is synonymous with optimal productivity. Thanks to its exceptional performances, the HTL 5210 directly rivals the 10/12 t ranges with an unbeatable price/performance ratio!

The stabilisers, included in the standard configuration, ensure an excellent horizon­tal outreach, and the rear axle locking sys­tem of the HTL range offers greater lateral stability for a very high load rating perfor­mance for the upper section. Easy to ope­rate on non-stabilised surfaces, HTL5210 is a four-wheel drive and steer all-terrain telehandler. This model is equipped with a hydrostatic transmission for high precision movements and an inching pedal system for a smooth and easy approach. The result is an extremely versatile range of applications based on the availability of numerous compatible accessories. The HTL 5210 is a powerful telescopic handler powered by a Tier 4i / Stage IIIB-compliant Perkins 113 hp (83kW) engine for Europe, and a Tier 3-compliant Perkins 95 hp (70 kW) for Latin America, North America, the Asia-Pacific region, Russia & the Middle East.

HTL6508 / HTL7210: The HTL6508 and HTL7210 are ex­tremely powerful «heavy load capacity» telehandlers with lift capacities without stabilisers for 6.5t up to 7.7 m for HTL6508, and 7.2t up to 9.5 m for the HTL7010. Ideally suited for safely handling bulky and heavy loads, the HTL6508 and HTL7210 are adapted in particular for extrac­tion industries and civil engineering works and perfectly adapted for pick-up and carry operations.

The HTL6508 model sold in Europe and the HTL7210 model in Latin America, North Ameri­ca, the Asia-Pacific region and the Middle East, complemented the HTL 5210 model by offering load capacities of more than six tonnes.

With the priority given to safety and comfort, an integral part of the Group’s DNA, the HTL6508 and the HTL7210 include in particular pothole guards with a cut off system preventing dange­rous movements and a limited slip differential on the front axle and the cabin, as well as an inching pedal for smooth and precise forward movements even with the engine at full throttle.

This range is equipped with FPT Tier 4i-compliant 130 hp (96 kW) FPT engines for Europe and FPT Tier 3-compliant 127 hp (93 kW) engines for Latin America, North America, the Asia- Pacific region, Russia and the Middle East.

Particularly versatile with a wide selection compatible equip­ment available, these two new telehandlers effectively com­plement the new HTL5210 in the demanding segment for high-capacity lifting equipment.

Haulotte Group has selected a historic manufacturer with proven expertise to complete its product offering by marketing the DIECI telehandlers under the HTL6508 and HTL7210 brand names.