Inauguration of new premises, Haulotte Vostok


European subsidiary managers and Haulotte Group executive officers joined the Russian team for the official grand opening ceremony of 26 May in Moscow.

The installation of Haulotte Vostok at this site represents a major milestone in the development of this subsidiary.

"We are now well-prepared to deliver the necessary products and support services" commented Aleksandr Iaruschevicius, General Manager of Haulotte Vostok. "Our Russian establishment now has the space and resources it needs to maintain a competitive advantage and demonstrate the long-term commitment of Haulotte Group in Russia" indicated Stéphane Hubert, Regional Manager for Europe.

José Monfront, Vice Chairman of Haulotte Group, added: "The Russian team is very motivated and fully committed to our global value proposition to support our customers' business, and I am delighted in noting that our efforts have provided a return on the investment."