NEW Optimum 8

Optimum 8 - NEW Electric scissor - Nothing stops it!

Simple, robust and reliable, the Optimum 8 works non-stop to meet the requirements of productivity and ease of maintenance and safe working conditions at all times.

NOTHING STOPS IT: for indoor or outdoor sites

AGILE and FLEXIBLE, OPTIMUM 8 moves with great precision in the most difficult areas, thanks to its asynchronous motor. Optimum 8 is flexible both in elevation and while driving, contributing to the operators' on-the-job comfort and confidence, with its extremely narrow turning radius of 1.50 m, the best of the market.

FAST: with its forward speed of 5.0 km/h, it moves quickly for optimal productivity. 

COMPACT, the OPTIMUM 8 gets in and out of the most confined areas, even through standard doors without taking time to fold the guardrails.

With an OPTIMAL WEIGHT, the OPTIMUM 8 is able to navigate worksites indoors and outdoors, in winds up to 45 km/h while maintaining its load capacity of 230 kg.

Equipped with an automatic pothole protection system, OPTIMUM 8 easily surmounts obstacles and has no trouble making it up truck ramps during the transport phase.

READY FOR WORK: a foolproof resistance

INTELLIGENT COUNTERWIGHT: Haulotte achieves a World First, incorporating a counterweight positioned at the back of the chassis, increasing all the robustness of the machine.

  • Indestructible, it acts as a shock-absorber:
  • Ingenious, it becomes a skid-resistant step plate integrated to the design of the machine, enhancing the operator safety
  • Clever, it includes a full-fledged storage area for charger cables and plugs and offers electrical plugs in the tray


Part durability has been multiplied by 3: through a specific treatment against weather and optimum protection against corrosion.

  • Risk of oil leaks divided by 2: 50% less hydraulic hoses thanks to AS motors and to its new pothole system
  • Waterproof Deutsch connectors protect electrical circuit from moisture, corrosion and resulting breakdowns

ECONOMICAL IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES:  reduced maintenance for intensive use

PREVENTIVE SOLUTIONS: The OPTIMUM 8, compatible with the universal tool Haulotte DIAG integrates on-board diagnostics Haulotte Activ'screen.

Haulotte ACTIV’Screen provides operators with key information such as alarms, troubleshooting, as well as battery charge and maintenance alerts. It also lets technicians use their access code to program and calibrate the machine, as well as diagnose malfunctions, with no additional tools. Information is displayed in six languages.


OPTIMUM 8 has two easy-open swing-out trays for an easy maintenance (one for batteries, the other for hydraulic and electrical systems)

AC motorization has no carbon brushes, therefore not requiring maintenance

All other major maintenance and control points are directly accessible

VERSATILITY:  an electric scissor for multiple applications

Indoor maintenance and industrial cleaning

Inside second–phase interior (electricity, lighting…)

Logistic and retails activities (warehousing, stock-picking…)

Indoor events (exhibitions, TV studios)

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