New Options ; Panel protection


Haulotte Group has developed a range of control panel protection in "transparent UV-resistant polycarbonate" to protect the top control panel from bad weather and impact while maintaining good visibility of the control panel.

The panels are suitable for the Haulotte machines listed below and will be available from June 2012


  • Telescopic range : H14TX, H16TPX, H21TX, H23TPX, H25TPX, H28TJ+, H43TPX
  • Articulated range : HA12CJ/CJ+, HA120PX, HA16PE, HA16PX, HA16SPX, HA18PX, HA18SPX, HA15IP, HA20PX, HA260PX, HA32PX, HA41PX-NT, HA32PX
  • Scissor range : Compact 10/12DX, New Compact 10/12DX, Compact 10/12RTE, H12SX, H12SXL, H15SX, H15SXL, H18SX, H18SXL, Compact 10, Compact10N, Compact 12, Compact 14, Compact 8, Compact 8W, Optimum6, Optimum8
  • Mast range : Star10