FEMSA is the largest bottling franchise for Coca- Cola products worldwide, serving 351 million consumers

In Mexico, FEMSA Coca-Cola is no longer the same company… since they have equipped themselves with 52 Compact 14 electrical scissor lifts. These Compact 14 machines were acquired to safely perform a range of logistics and maintenance tasks at all the warehouses, bottling plants and distribution centres.

52 scissor lifts for 52 teams. In principle, easy to organise though in actual practice, a complicated feat, between the coordination of shipment, the delivery, and the training day organized in record time of only five weeks. Deliveries were made machine by machine to each of the dedicated sites.

The training was provided by the Haulotte Mexico subsidiary which provided all appropriate instructions to ensure the correct and comprehensive use of the machine. The training covered different categories of personnel: warehouse personnel, specialized technicians, occupational health coordinators.

Haulotte Group provides innovative and reliable products meeting the highest standards of quality and safety. However, its role does not end there. It is important for the operator to be correctly trained in the use of the aerial work platform as such, to understand its advantages, limitations, emergency procedures, periodic inspections and be able to perform basic maintenance. An untrained operator can generate risk for both himself and others.

To ensure complete customer satisfaction, Haulotte Mexico proposes three training options: loading techniques, operator training and IPAF certification.

1. Technical presentation: a brief introduction to the equipment, basic operations and minimum upkeep information to ensure for a proper functioning of the platform. Training sessions of of this type do not last more than two hours with six participants.

2. Operator training: one day training sessions with a maximum of eight participants. All technical specifications of the machine are analysed, participants are familiarized with all platform components and particular attention is given to procedures for commissioning the machine, safety procedures, maintenance, safety practices and installing the safety harness. These courses are both theoretical and practical in nature.

3. IPAF certification. Haulotte Mexico is proud to be certified as a training centre and on that basis able to provide operators with the Powered Access Licence (PAL) card, recognized worldwide. In general, the operator who participates in this training session has already completed an initial session providing an opportunity to become familiarized with the products. This training program covers the technical principles for using the machine and good practices for safely operating the equipment. This training is theoretical and practical in nature and provided over a two-day period. After the operator has been successively evaluated, he or she receives an IPAF license and a PAL card valid for five years.

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