Aerial work platforms imported from China: European Commission opens anti-dumping investigation.

Lorettte, 13 novembre 2023 - Haulotte, world leader of working at height equipment and solutions, welcomes today's introduction of the anti-dumping investigations on imports of aerial work platform platforms from China by the European Commission.


Aerial work platforms are essential safety tools accompanying workers in multiple areas such construction work, maintenance and logistics allowing them to work at height while ensuring best protection, productivity, and physical integrity.


In the past months, commercial practices have appeared on the European market, at a time when healthy and fair competition is more crucial than ever for the development of a robust European industry in this sector.


The European Commission was therefore informed of this situation and received substantial evidence on the above-mentioned practices and their negative impact for the EU industry. The Commission will now conduct an in-depth investigation, as authorized by the rules of the World Trade Organization, to re-establish a level playing field for all actors on the EU market.


The CEO of Haulotte Group, Alexandre SAUBOT, said: “We welcome the initiation of this investigation as a fair-trade competition on the European market is the prerequisite to secure the sustainability of our business models. We are therefore calling for swift and effective actions to ensure that our activities and that of hundreds of our industrial partners in the EU keep their ability to protect jobs, keep on innovating and continue serving our customers at its best across the EU.”