FASTN, the universal anchoring system for aerial work platforms, elected 'jury favorite' at the “Grand Prix Matériel” ceremony

Published 2024/04/02

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Safety is part of the Haulotte Group's DNA and a key strategic priority. The Group's mission is to 'Take care of people', life being the most precious asset, which is why all Haulotte teams are committed to protecting people working at height.

To meet this mission, the Group has developed, in an Intrapreneurship mode, an intelligent solution to tackle the major cause of fatal accidents on AWP: operator falls. Led by Catherine Perrier and Maxime Girard, the two intrapreneurs conceived the FASTN system to enable construction companies to support their 'zero accident' strategy by protecting their personnel and making construction sites a safer place to work. Equipment rental companies can also enhance their safety and digital technology offerings through FASTN.


Last Thursday, March 28th, the “Grand Prix Matériel” ceremony took place during the 59th congress expo of the French professional equipment federation. The jury, composed of professionals and the chief-editor, rewarded the FASTN anchoring system with the 'jury favorite' award. The jury underlined 3 strong points to justify its choice: FASTN represents a reliable response to a major safety issue, the system is universal and can be adapted to all types of boom lift, and lastly, access to data enables risk analysis in the field.

A system inspired by seat belts

Maxime Girard, Head of FASTN, shared his feelings the day after the ceremony: 'It's an honor to receive the 'jury favorite' award for our FASTN solution! Our universal anchoring solution for AWP operators is easily installable on all brands and types of platforms. This will allow equipment renters to quickly equip their fleets with a unique system and thus meet the safety challenges of their clients; construction companies. The goal is to instill in operators the habit of fastening themselves as soon as they enter the basket of an aerial work platform, just as each of us does daily when getting into a car.'
FASTN works on the same principle as a car seat belt. The aim is to create a 'reflex' in the operator, a habit, so that when the operator enters the platform, they anchor their harness to the system, just as they would in a vehicle. The FASTN system consists of two 'boxes', connected, and installed in the platform's basket.


The device thus detects 4 dangerous situations:


Harness detection

The operator is immediately alerted by a visual and audible alarm when operating the boomlift while not anchored to FASTN. If the lanyard is not connected within a few seconds, the FASTN active anchorage also alerts the worksite with a flashing light and a louder alarm.


Potential operator fall or ejection

During operation, if the system detects an abnormal load, FASTN alerts the jobsite to a potential operator fall or ejection.


Wake up function

When anchored to FASTN, after 1 minute of inactivity, the system will alert the operator and the worksite to potential operator distress.


Anti-bypass function

If the operator attempts to bypass FASTN using something other than a harness carabiner, the active anchorage will detect inactivity and activate the wake-up function to alert the operator and the worksite of potential misuse.


About data

Collecting and analyzing data: All events are recorded by the FASTN control unit and provide key data for safety management. This data can be integrated into dashboards and KPIs, contributing to identifying good or bad harness usage on site. FASTN helps construction companies manage safety on the site and implement appropriate prevention and training campaigns.
Falls: The leading cause of mortality when using an aerial work platform!
Falling from height has remained the leading cause of death in aerial work platform accidents for many years. From 2015 to 2023, IPAF recorded over 175 deaths*. The consequences of each accident are devastating for families, employees, construction companies, rental companies, and for platform manufacturers who have the responsibility to market the safest possible equipment. The financial and legal impact can have serious consequences for all stakeholders. This is why beyond FASTN, Haulotte provides its customers with numerous innovations promoting safety on site, with the primary goal of saving lives.
*These data are based on spontaneous declarations recorded by IPAF and available in its global safety report last published in 2023.