New SIGMA 16 electric articulating booms: simply essential

Published 2021/02/23

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Haulotte, the European leader of people and material lifting equipment, reveals two new electric articulating booms: SIGMA 16 and SIGMA 16 PRO (SIGMA 46 and SIGMA 46 PRO in North America).

As a genuine culmination of the group’s know-how, the new models incorporate Haulotte’s exclusive innovations and high-quality standards. They combine excellent performance with a high level of serviceability, and meet all requirements for working at heights up to 16 m (46 ft platform height). Versatile, the latest additions to the Haulotte family are designed for many indoor and even outdoor applications, such as industrial maintenance, finishing, renovation, cutting-edge industry or events. The boom of your dreams becomes reality!


  1. Your best productivity ally

The SIGMA 16 electric articulating booms offer the best in class working envelope on the market. With their high up & over clearance and excellent outreach, it is easy to overcome all obstacles to reach the most remote work areas.
The jib with horizontal rotation ensures precise and safe approach without repositioning the machine. This additional movement flexibility enables operators to save precious time with maneuvers and access areas that are not accessible with a regular jib.

SIGMA 16 booms answer the industry’s expectation in terms of efficiency thanks to its two simultaneous movements and its ultra-fast elevation speed (90 seconds to full height). Some applications require the use of multiple equipment. SIGMA 16 models can carry up to 230 kg of load (500 lb) and 2 operators without envelope restriction for maximum performance.
SIGMA 16 operates indoors as well as outdoors, on all types of stabilized slab floors, thanks to its wide, solid, and notched tires and its high ground clearance (17 cm - 7 in). The homogeneous tilt (4° no matter the boom orientation) makes it easy the reach the work zone without machine repositioning and time lost.
2. Agility in all situations

SIGMA 16 models are perfect to work in confined spaces. They operate without any risk of damaging the surrounding environment as the turret stays within the chassis footprint while rotating. Thanks to a compact footprint and narrow turning radius, operators can easily maneuver in the tightest spaces.

SIGMA 16 fulfils all the criteria ensuring both driving and positioning precision. Asynchronous motors and proportional controls ensure smooth and fluid movements. The ergonomic control box is like the one used in Haulotte RTJ range for familiar and quick handling. Finally, the architecture of the machine also allows a perfectly vertical elevation of the arm.
3. Increased comfort and safety
SIGMA 16 booms can be equiped with both a front and lateral door for easy entry and a robust tool tray providing a large storage capacity. Driving safety is improved with the centered boom arm. For better safety and stability, the driving speed automatically adjusts during turns and on slopes.

The exclusive anti-entrapment system Haulotte Activ’Shield Bar is available on the SIGMA 16 models. In case of entrapment, the operator is pushed towards the bar integrated into the upper box cover, and the machine stops automatically. The Safety Gap allows a large clearance, preventing driver entrapment.

The integrated, high performance, Haulotte Activ’Lighting System, supports safe maneuvers, especially in low light conditions. Ten low energy consumption LED spotlights perfectly light up the machine controls and surrounding areas for easy loading and unloading operations.

- Primary front, under-basket and rear ground projectors
- Side and platform lightings
- Anti-glare control box lighting
- Lower control panel illumination

4. Particular attention paid to battery care

Available on SIGMA 16 models, the Haulotte Activ’Energy Management solution reduces the Total Cost of Ownership by optimizing the batteries’ performance and lifespan. The integrated smart charger adapts the charging curve and integrates specific cycles dedicated to battery maintenance. To simplify maintenance and ensure an optimal battery health, customers can opt for a centralized waterfilling system.

To optimize power consumption and ensure the machine can handle daily work requirements, SIGMA 16 models feature gravity platform lowering and a precise charge indicator on the upper control box.

5.A service-oriented design

Equipment uptime is essential, that’s why SIGMA 16 reflects Haulotte’s high quality standards. Haulotte chose to separate the electric and hydraulic elements to easily perform maintenance. Hose routing has been carefully engineered to avoid the risks of friction and leakage. Known for their performance and reliability, AC motors do not require any regular maintenance.

Featuring reinforced hoods with wide openings, SIGMA 16 offers direct access to components, reducing downtimes. The whole machine has been subjected to rigorous endurance testing to guarantee their robustness.

6. Powerful diagnostic solutions

The Haulotte Activ’Screen interface helps users with daily maintenance operations. This onboard diagnostic tool givesaccess to machine settingsand displays detailed troubleshooting procedures on a large screen.. Technicians can access the same features on their mobile devices using the Haulotte Diag app.
Connected to the machine’s CAN bus architecture, the SHERPAL module decodes the data transmitted by the various components on the machine. The Haulotte telematics solution* provides accurate data to perform remote diagnostics, optimize technicians call-outs, adopt best “energy” practices, and at a high level, make the right decisions at the right time.
*Availability may vary according to your location

SIGMA 16 (SIGMA 46 in North America). is the ideal electric boom to efficiently carry out daily tasks aloft up to 16 metres high. With its impressive large working envelope, indoor/outdoor agility, and simultaneous movements, working at height is child’s play! With maintenance close to zero, Haulotte’s new articulating boom is the best combinaison of productivity, comfort, and safety. This multipurpose machine is simply essential on all worksites.


Imagination is limitless, especially when you are a child. For the launch of this new electric articulating boom, Haulotte decided to represent a young boy who decides to build the aerial work platform of his dreams. The model evolves in different situations and serves as a transition to highlight the main benefits of Haulotte’s new mobile elevating work platform. Choosing universal building bricks is significant: they are used on all communication support to underline the simplicity of use of the articulating boom: working at height is child’s play!