Bauma 2016 – 11-17 April, 2016 - Stand FS 903/5

BAUMA is the largest trade fair in the world. It features all sectors, all market leaders and plenty of innovations.
HAULOTTE GROUP is one again showcasing its know-how, giving its customers and partners a warm welcome on its stand to exchange views, demonstrate its expertise by exhibiting a wide range of products, with its continuous goal of addressing the needs of customers and prospects.

Haulotte Group is more than simply a supplier. It is a provider of global solutions whose primary focus is effectively meeting the day-to-day needs and specific operating requirements of its customers and users.

For 2016, Haulotte will exhibit a range of products which perfectly meet our customer requirements

2016 New Products

new.pngNew STAR6: Go everywhere with the best ROI

STAR6 is the best solution for executing day-to-day work tasks efficiently and safely in both indoor and outdoor environments. This new vertical mast brings uncompromising quality:

•Optimal agility in confined working areas  
•Smart transportability
•Longer lifespan
•Minimal maintenance to optimize costs and reduce downtime
new.pngTelehandler : Haulotte Group expands its offering

Haulotte Group expands its offering of telehandlers that now includes three ranges:

COMPACT range : HTL3210 – HTL3510 – HTL4010
HIGHT LIFT range: HTL3614 – HTL3617 - HTL4014 – HTL4017
HEAVY LOAD CAPACITY range: HTL5210 – HTL6508 – HTL7010

HTL 5210 will be present at Bauma. This lates t addition to the Haulotte range offers the best load rating for the 10 m segment with a lift capacity of 5.2 tonnes up to a height of 10 m, representing a maximum forward reach at 3.5 tonnes to 5.8 m with the stabiliser.



Best of 2015 & 2014

The new Optimum 8, a concentrate of energy  

Optimum 8 is able to navigate worksites indoors and outdoors, economical in all circumstances:

•Nothing stops it         
•Always ready for action               
•Incredibly economical          
The STAR range : STAR 8 and STAR 10

New generation of vertical masts with jib, they were designed to be simple, robust, reliable and able to sneak around in all circumstances. These benefits are significant

• Optimal agility in confined working areas 
• Minimal maintenance and downtime
• Longer lifetime
• Smart transportability
The articulated boom HA20 RTJ

The HA20 RTJ, has a sleek design reflecting Haulotte’s commitment to offering machines "made for your business”. Every detail has brought to an optimal level of performance to meet three objectives: maximize productivity, taking care of your budget and ensure the safety of the operators. Its strengths:

• The ideal combination weight-dimensions-power-performance
• Comfort and ease of use
• Modular basket even more robust, more durable and  ergonomic


Rough-terrain telescopic boom HT23 RTJ

 An aerial work platform which beats all records and delights users with best in class performances:

• The best working envelope
• The fastest lifting speed
• Fully proportional and simultaneous movements

= Results in an optimal productivity




haulotte_group_financial_web.png Financing  solutions

There are many reasons that speak for financing machines; one important reason is the reduced burden on our customers’ liquidity. Financing machines has thus become key in our industry. That’s why, we therefore moved from a platform seller position to a one stop shopping solution provider to better serve our market.



haulotte_group_services_black_print.png Associated Services

Haulotte Services -  MAKING YOUR JOB EASIER

Present on five continents, Haulotte Group is supported by a worldwide network of after-sales experts to ensure rapid and efficient local service.

With its offering focused on the customer relationship, Haulotte Services provides human resources in the form of qualified experts combined with innovative technical means for maximum autonomy. In this way, from the moment they acquire Haulotte machines, customers are offered solutions that are both truly global and custom-designed.





And the e-Services



Haulotte Group : solutions provider