New STAR 6 - Go Everywhere with the best ROI

STAR 6 offers the best working height on the market at 5.80m with 3.80m for the platform. In addition, STAR 6 is adapted for work in both indoor and outdoor environments (for indoor jobs, it can accommodate 2 people). These features allow operators to perform a greater number of tasks.

Asynchronous motors deliver unmatched efficiency, proportional and quick movements. The new asynchronous motors deliver exceptional torque. This means that operators have even greater proportional control capabilities for precise, smooth and incremental driving to access the most difficult areas. The fast and responsive lifting and lowering movements also offer high precision capabilities when approaching the work area. The result is a new STAR 6 offering even greater productivity.

Largest Platform.The inside platform width has been increased by +0.1m to provide more space for the workers. Ergonomics is improved with a double entry-gate. A platform extension is available as an option (+0.4m), raising the work height for greater comfort and productivity.


Both side easy forklifting. The chassis has been designed to permit the passage of forks to lift STAR 6 along the width, in total security. In addition, this new fork lifting feature allows the machines to be easily loaded and transported in a standard truck bed. This represents an added value for rental companies and a way to reduce transport time. The chassis has also been redesigned to allow for easy slinging and stowage of the new STAR 6.

Smart Mast system. The reverse caisson with the three-stage cylinders has no chain and no cable. This means the operator benefits from a rigid & safe machine requiring less maintenance.

Integrated access safety features. An anti-slip step has been integrated to provide greater security. A walkable protection plinth provides for safer access to the platform. Durability is enhanced by robust tires and a limited number of flexible hoses (only 5). Designed to ensure quick access to components and control points, the STAR 6 guarantees reduced downtime.

Minimal maintenance to optimize costs and reduce Downtime.