STAR 8S - New 8 m model complete the STAR range

Published 2019/03/22

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Haulotte Group is expanding its successful vertical mast range and launches STAR 8S (US name STAR 20) to work efficiently and confidently up to 8 meters.

Combining high torque with precise and smooth control, AC motors provide unmatched precision and comfort to get to hard-to-reach areas. With its narrow turning radius, operators can manoeuvre in the most restricted spaces. For maximum flexibility, STAR 8S can be lifted lengthwise or widthwise during transport phases.
Thanks to automatic protection system against potholes, STAR 8S can get over numerous obstacles, and cross slopes of 25%.
Thanks to smooth proportional movements, control and manoeuvring aloft are intuitive, secure and precise. STAR 8S mast architecture offers more stability and let technicians operate with confidence. A non-skid step is integrated into the machine’s design to allow a safe entry in the platform. The basket extension offers additional space and a further reach of 40 cm.

With its speed of 4,5 km/h, STAR 8S moves quickly. Its load capacity of 200 kg offers maximum efficiency. Equipped with deep-cycle batteries, STAR 8S allows operators to accomplish their daily tasks all day long, without worrying about weak batteries.

STAR 8S vertical mast is equipped with the on-board diagnostic tool Haulotte Activ’Screen. Easy to use, it provides operators with key information. All pins, nuts and metal parts have been specially treated to ensure optimum resistance to corrosion. The 2 batteries swing out trays open easily. To optimize dowtime costs, a quick-open inspection hatch allows easy access to the hydraulic block. Renowned for their reliability and robustness, asynchronous motors require no regular maintenance.

A MULTIPURPOSE MACHINE designed for indoor use
>> Logistics & distribution,
>> Maintenance & restoration,
>> Finishing,
>> Sporting & other events.